We have a monthly Sunday morning workgroup, on the first Sunday of the month, from 10am to midday. You can come along for 20 minutes or the whole 2 hours, it’s really up to you. We carry out light gardening tasks, such as pruning, clearing vegetation or planting (depending on the season) and litter picking. We provide all the tools so you can just turn up and there’s refreshments afterwards too.

If you prefer a weekday activity then we have a Thursday morning workgroup which focuses on the Old Orchard woodland area. It’s from 10am to midday and it’s up to you how long you stay. We carry out tasks such as path clearing, pruning, bulb and tree planting, clearing vegetation and on occasions, removing fallen branches or trees. We provide all the tools too.

You don’t need any experience to join in our workgroups, just some enthusiasm!  If you’ve got some free time and want to get out in the fresh air then come along and lend a hand. You get to enjoy our beautiful park and meet like minded people who are very welcoming. There’s no pressure to attend every week, and definitely no pressure to do anything too strenuous, you help at your pace and only do what you’re comfortable with.

If you would like any more information please contact us here.


Sunday Task Days:

10am to 12 Noon - Meet in the car park at 10am 

2nd June 2024

7th July 2024

4th August 2024

1st September 2024

6th October 2024

3rd November 2024

1st December 2024

2nd February 2025

2nd March 2026

6th April 2024

Thursday Task Mornings:

Every week, weather permitting! From 10am to midday, meet in the car park at 10am.

"Since the 1980's, studies have confirmed that the 'helper's high' - the release of mood-boosting hormones - is a key benefit of volunteering. Plus volunteering brings you into contact with others, adds structure and activity to your life, and gives you a sense of achievement and belonging."

Source: Benenden Heathcare