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Friends of Broomhill purchased the Old Orchard site in May 2018 with raised funds and match funding from Medway Council. Our aim is to incorporate the Old Orchard into a unified and extended Broomhill Park, that will be protected from development for all time.

The volunteer group meet every Thursday morning at 10am in the car park. We always appreciate and welcome more helpers so please join us if you can! Work in the Old Orchard has really progressed and the main pathways have been cleared for easy access although this is still ongoing. The entrances have been clearly marked with signs.

If you can help please contact us now!

New Benches 

Over the summer our volunteers have installed 7 new benches in the Old Orchard. These were made using recycled wooden sleepers from Broomhill Park. We hope they will provide a welcome resting point to relax and observe the woodland habitat.

Planting new trees in 2020

On 30th January 2020 we planted 50 new trees in the Old Orchard. These are a collection of native species especially for wildlife. It is such a vital addition to the Old Orchard, helping to maintain an important habitat and biodiversity. The benefits of planting trees are widely known and we are very pleased to be adding new additions to this area of Broomhill Park. These trees were planted in conjunction with the I Dig Trees scheme run by OVO Energy and TCV.


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